Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ice Ice Baby and Pure Genius

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This morning, after taking down our tents, I had the heartiest bowl of breakfast I think anyone has ever seen. Anyone that has put granola in their yogurt knows that the true key to this is a perfect ratio. So this is where I had a big slip up. After I poured an average amount of cereal/granola into my bowl, I accidentally fumbled the yogurt carton (yes they put yogurt in milk-like cartons which was very confusing the first couple of days… think of how tasty yogurt must be in your morning coffee) and spilled too much yogurt onto my granola. UGGGG. But wait! There is a solution, just add more cereal! Long story short, I ate most of my huge bowl of perfectly proportioned breakfast with "no ragrets”.

It seems to be the fashion now to just begin our days involving ice. So by following the trend, we traveled a short distance to a glacial lagoon. For those of you not well versed in all things glacial: Many times leading up to the face of a glacier, there is something called a glacial lagoon. This glacial lagoon is made up of all of the run-off water melting from the glacier and some icebergs that have crumbled off the glacier. This creates something that looks like an arctic lake with a white obstacle course. While driving around this lake, these people made us wear extremely oversized dry suits that had us looking super fly. 

A little walk down after our little boat ride, we found a black sand beach, which normally would have still been interesting to photograph, but no, this beach held iceberg “crumbs” that had maneuvered their way down to the beach from the lagoon. A long way from home, these chunks of ice contrasted so beautifully with the black volcanic sand. Here, we played around with Gianluca on his last day with us… very sad. But boy did we milk him for all he is worth (and he is worth a lot).

After our stop here, we mostly just spend the rest of the day driving to our next destination. HOFN! Our group likes to say this almost as of we are saying “hop” but somehow adding an F sound. The real trick here is to jump up and down every time you say it. And since we really want to fit in with the locals, every time someone says Hofn and jumps up, we sort of popcorn all over the place.. Picture the seagulls from Finding Nemo and instead of saying “mine” we say “Hofn”. Is it clear enough now? Thought so.

Once we did arrive in Hofn, which is a fishing town, we walked over to a great lobster restaurant. Now the lobster pasta was delicious but the real highlight of the meal was my analogy to explain why we watch movies like Twilight. 

If I have you curious, read on. If not… well, whatever.

So think of Whataburger. Great, dear, greasy, junky, Whataburger. Now think about how much people hate on fast food.. It’s not healthy for you, all of it will go to your butt/legs/stomach, its not real meat. We get it. We still eat it. Why? Because it so specifically hits a spot inside all of us that only Whataburger can. We know that there is a great burger joint just down the street with fair prices, excellent taste, well made meat , as-healthy-as-a-burger-can-get feel, but we choose fast food. I think my point has been made. Now bear with me and think of the Twilight series. Easy to make fun of with phrases like “That was so bad I could have been watching a Twilight movie”. I get it. But I own all five movies. Why? Because every once in a while, mostly us girls, just really crave a good cheesy, intense, borderline acting, vampire versus werewolf showdown. The forbidden love aspect along with the infuriatingly weak role of the leading lady (until the last movie where she turns into a vampire and becomes a badass) draw us into a fascinating fantasy that no other film has combined so well. This being said, sorry Amanda, I stand by my statement that having a healthy the Twilight Saga every once in a while is nothing to be ashamed of and in fact purges you of all things teenage or tween-like angst. 

 Chase laughing at my analogy.

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